Linux vs Windows – The Battle for Supremacy

Just in case you haven’t noticed, we at prefer Linux OS to Windows OS. We believe that Linux is the best operating system. That is evident by the name of our blog and the brand of the organization. Some people could go as far as calling us Linux fanatics. We firmly believe in the Free Open Source Software (FOSS) philosophy and we do our best to create awareness for it.

It all started in a lecture room for ICS 2202 – Operating Systems I. Well, it has been a challenging and rewarding journey so far. Those details will be shared some other day though. You can however check Wallace’s Linux story here.

The other day we had an intense conversation on the topic of discussion today, Linux vs Windows. That is what we will be sharing today. This is an objective response from our co-founder and author, Wallace Mwabini when he was asked to share his thoughts.

“Regarding this battle, there is still a long way to go. If you take a deep look at just how mighty Microsoft as an organization is you’ll know its is not the time to push them over just yet. The guys have so much money and influence it’ll take a few generations to beat them. But Linux is only growing, never going backwards, so we’ll get our chance. We have Google and Red Hat on our side – see what Google’s Android did to Windows Phone? Now Nokia’s in love with Google’s Android. What an affair!

The lads though also know how to keep up with the competition. They offer very premium services you can’t just ignore. Take Microsoft Exchange for instance. This is an email solution you cant just turn a blind eye to. Sorts spam, mail delivery is top, interface beauty delivered (UI has never been a challenge for Microsoft developers unlike their Linux counterparts ) If you get a chance to learn it or use it then learn it and use it. Its hot stuff. They can’t be left behind on emails. Same on cloud. Look at their stock in Cloud, Azure – another premium offering from them. They have the money to pump into such projects and come with full force.

I made peace with the fact that the world will still think Windows is better than Linux for now. It will change as more Linux guys take over stuff. But time is the factor here. Takes time.

Maybe the tip will be when they flood developing countries and start coming after those with counterfeit copies of Windows and Office. We know it will be hard for them to buy Windows. They’ll switch, especially organizations. Who’s going to survive this one?This would be the tipping point. I once saw a US -based developer , in one of these articles we read. The lad was advising a newbie on what OS to choose that boots fast and his narration was that, he went to the shop and bought her daughter a PC and installed for her Ubuntu 14 as it was a requirement in college for them to go with a laptop. You see that kind of choice – you avoid Windows because its expensive for you. If we get that in Kenya or Africa, Linux will reap big as Mac won’t be an alternative for most guys.

But Linux too has some things it must polish. I was trying to work on something on Libre Office Calc last week – copy a formula down to 11k rows. Damn, Libre Office Calc 5.0 froze on me several times and couldn’t do it. Went to a colleague’s computer with Excel and copied the formula across the rows in a few seconds. Felt very embarrassed that my Libre Office couldn’t do that.

“As it stands, we just cant ignore Microsoft products. Too sweet and functional. But for me, Windows will be accessed via RDP and Linux will be on my desktop. Not Linux via putty and Windows on my desktop. No. That period is done! D-O-N-E! Done!”

~Wallace Mwabini – Co-Founder,

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