About Us

Linux Nimbus

Linuxnimbus.com is a blog focusing on Linux especially in relation to Cloud. It is a platform to share knowledge and skills about how GNU/Linux and FOSS are utilised in Cloud computing. The blog is about anything in this scope – ranging from basic procedures to technical issues and security related issues in Cloud computing.
Our authors are lovers and users of GNU/Linux Operating Systems and FOSS. Besides using these, they read about GNU/Linux online and employ practices that are emerging and set as standard in the Linux world. Linuxnimbus.com provides the authors with a means to not only share their experiences but also to master their arts by writing things down in a way that can be understood by different people.
Linuxnimbus.com aims to be the leading Linux and FOSS blog post in Kenya and eventually East Africa before going ahead to reach all of Africa.


NORMAN NDURANO: Norman is a co-founder of Linuxnimbus.com and Linux System Engineer at Telemedia Africa LTD. He is an ardent Linux and Open Source advocate, occassional coder, data analysis and visualization geek as well as a psychology junkie.

WALLACE MWABINI: Wallace is a co-founder of Linuxnimbus.com and a Linux System Administrator at Ryanada Limited. He is very absorbed in Linux and FOSS and is deeply fascinated by the fact that people can really put hours into working on something and choose to provide it free for others to utilize. He also like cartoons