About Us

We are two guys who met in school and became best friends. Among the many interests that we have in common is a passion for all things Linux and Cloud. We are lucky enough to use these technologies on a daily basis. This is the platform that we use to share our experiences in this exciting field. It is our way of documenting the stuff we learn and the solutions we come across. If other professionals find the content useful, then we will consider that a bonus

We have just changed the name of our blog from LinuxNimbus to ArtSysOps. We have been so passionate about Linux for such a long time that we became absolutely ignorant of all other operating systems in existence.

When you begin to forget that an operating system is there to perform an action and provide a service and that there is not one operating system that can provide all services for every hardware, then you know you’ve become a fanatic and have crossed a line. It may be something that someone says at some point that snaps you out of it. For us, it is age and experience that has brought us wisdom and greater knowledge.

But let’s not take all of this out of context. We are still very passionate about Linux as we have always been. And this grows the more every day we use it. We have taken just into account that there are more operating systems available which might better fit a specific purpose than that of Linux. We have learned to accept that.

The world of software and operating systems is very big. And too big to close off our minds and become narrow minded to a stage where we become blind to reality. And learn to accept and use the right operating system for the right hardware and use case.

And that is why we decided to change the name of our blog.