Join Us is out to build a comprehensive and wide knowledge base with top quality articles on Linux and FOSS. Our scope includes Linux, Cloud and Open Source. We offer our audience how tos, tips, tricks and solutions to problems experienced in the fields within the scope.

We provide experienced and rising Linux Users a platform to share their knowledge and experiences with the rest of the world. The reward is they get to have their knowledge and work appreciated by our readers and get to better understand what they do by putting it down in writing in a way other people can benefit without much struggle.

Requirements of becoming a contributor

For you to contribute to, you need to have at least 1 year experience in Cloud, Linux or Open source

How to become a contributor

  • Write an article within the scope defined above. The article must conform to our article guidelines outlined in the last section of this page.
  • Content on the article should not be copied from any other website – including your own personal blog. We discourage plagiarism and encourage you to be creative and come up with your own content.
  • Send an application to become a contributor to [email protected]. The only attachment we’ll need in your application is the full article you’ve written. If your application is accepted, we will get back to you and organize an account for you to become a regular publisher. If not, we’ll still get in touch and advice why you did not succeed.

Guidelines for articles

Quality and originality are key for articles published on this blog. As such, each article should conform to the following format:

  • Must have a heading
  • Must have a brief introduction
  • Must have a clear, original and relevant feature image
  • Must be at least 300 words long
  • For how tos, you must have images describing at least 50% of the steps
  • Use examples for commands and how tos
  • Specify tags and categories for the article

Guidelines for publishers

Once you are a contributor, we will create for you an account to post articles regularly. Inactive contributors will have their accounts deactivated. Articles submitted will fully be attributed to you. You are expected to respond to comments raised on your article by readers. Once your article is published, please promote it in social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook.